Yonah Bar of Soap?

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Do you love this play on words? I do! Yonah Mountain is located not far from my home in northeast Georgia. It rises above the landscape and is a favorite place to hike and rock climb. If you say "Do you want a" really fast, it sounds like "Yonah" and that's exactly how some people here in northeast Georgia speak! Yonah go fishin? Yonah go shoppin? Yonah bar of soap? 
If you want a bar of natural soap, free from unnecessary ingredients, with no scent, this this is the bar of soap for you! Yonah Bar of Soap is just soap with raw honey from my brother's beehives and finely ground oatmeal. No scent, no fragrance.

Soap is created using the hot process method.

Bars weigh approximately 4 oz. Each bar is individually cut causing a slight variation in size.

Soap ingredients:
Olive oil
Coconut oil
PalmPalm oil (RSPO certified sustainable palm oil)
Sodium hydroxide (lye)
Castor oil
raw honey