Crochet Water Balloons

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Crochet water balloons are used like regular water balloons... throw them to wet your friends... but crocheted water balloons are reusable and better for the environment because they don't leave little pieces of balloon in your yard for you to pick up! They soak up water like a sponge! Just dip in water, throw, retrieve, repeat! No actual balloon is used... just the crocheted water balloon. $1.50 each or 8 for $10. When you buy 8 you also get a zipper bag to hold the balloons. (Zipper bag is a Dollar Tree item - so I'm not sure how durable it's going to be!)

Please include a message if you would like certain colors. I may not be able to exactly match water balloons, but if you say you want blues or pinks, I can do that! Otherwise the order will be for colors of my choice.

Want to make your own crochet water balloons? You can purchase the pattern I used here: