Southern Gentleman Beard Balm and Beard Oil

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When I picture a Southern Gentleman, I see my daddy. He is rugged, kind, and when I was little he smelled of Old Spice. Southern Gentleman Beard Balm brings  back many of those memories with hints of bay rum, citrus, and patchouli. Beard balm is a light scent so as to not overpower your senses. 

Crescent Mountain Soap beard balms contain the following butters, oils and ingredients:

     Castor oil

     Coconut oil 

     Shea butter

     Cocoa butter

     Locally sourced beeswax

     Cera bellina wax 

     1.5 oz  metal tin

Crescent Mountain Soap beard oils contain the following oils:

     Jojoba oil - non-greasy, conditions and softens the beard

     Castor oil - aids in a shiny beard

     Argan oil - moisturizes to hydrate and soften 

     Avocado oil - shiny and stronger beard

     Sweet almond oil - light oil, dislodges debris and dirt

     1 oz bottle with orifice reducer to control the amount of oil and to reduce the risk of spillage.