It's Chattahoochee Mountain Fair Time!

It's Chattahoochee Mountain Fair Time!

Do you remember the excitement of attending the fair when you were a kid? All the lights, sounds, rides, smells, exhibits, animals, and vendors made fair a very exciting time! I can remember walking around the fair as a kid. It seemed so huge!

When our family first moved to northeast Georgia and I saw the signs announcing the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair, I was really excited to take my son. The first time we attended, I was shocked at how small the fair was! Having lived near larger cities, the fairs we attended were much bigger. But we had a great time at the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair and we went to it each year. Then my son began to show goats in the 10th grade and the fair had a whole new meaning... it was also goat show time!

Now, the fair has an entirely new meaning for me because I have sold my Crescent Mountain Soap products at the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair for the past 3 years.

Crescent Mountain Soap at the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair 2018

This year there were several things that happened that made me laugh and smile. And some other things happened that just made me shake my head. I'd like to share them with you.

One of the most fun parts of being at the fair is when current and former students see me. Some recognize me right away and others are not so sure. I enjoy chatting with them and many introduce me as "Mom, that's my science teacher." One second grader came up to me pointing, "Are you a science teacher?" Another came up to me, "Are you workin' at the county fair?!?" Makes me laugh when they finally figure out it's really me. 

This year one of my former students participated in the talent show at the fair. Kyle did an awesome job singing and playing his guitar! I am really proud of the young man he has grown to be. 

Sometimes it's not so exciting at the fair and so I take the time to crochet. One little girl came up to me and asked me for some string. As I was getting her some yarn, I asked her what she was going to do with it and she said she was going to fix her shoe. I asked to look at it and well... string was not going to fix it. But I had an idea... I had duct tape in my tool box. Her mom and I used the duct tape to repair the shoe. I told them to come back if it broke again, but they did not return. I guess it is true, you can fix almost anything with duct tape! 

I guess I have an honest looking face. I had a group of high school students come up and say, "We have a question, but it's not about your stuff." Intrigued, I wanted to know what the question was. They said that they saw I had a plug (I have a power strip for my lights and my fan) and they wanted to know if they could plug in a cell phone to charge it. Now, I'm thinking they are going to hang around while the cell phone charges, but nope! They said they were going to walk around the fair. I asked them if I looked honest. Now they seemed a little concerned. I joked that maybe our fingerprints were the same and I'd be able to open the phone. They laughed nervously. Then I said, "If the phone rings and it says MOM, should I answer it?" They said yes and off they went. They came back after a little while and got their charged phone. Mom didn't call.

Last year there was a hurricane in the middle of the fair and the fair actually closed down for one day. This year, there is a threat of another hurricane! And I don't even live on the coast, I'm in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains! But luckily, we didn't have any bad weather this year from Hurricane Florence because she was moving at such a slow pace over South Carolina. Prayers for the people who were affected by her path.

Hurricane Florence threatened, but did not affect Crescent Mountain Soap at the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair

The best part of being at the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair this year was introducing my Crescent Mountain Soap products to new people! This year I did something new and had people register to win free products. Well, I've drawn a name and the winner is Amber P. I will be contacting her shortly to tell her how to claim your Crescent Mountain Soap products.

So, what will my next adventure be? I'm not sure but stayed tuned and I'm sure I'll write about it! Thank you for your support and interest in Crescent Mountain Soap!


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