Chick Chick Here... and a Chick Chick There!

Chick Chick Here... and a Chick Chick There!

Do you ever wonder what soap makers do when they are not making soap? This soap maker is also a 2nd grade teacher in beautiful northeast Georgia. I teach in a rural, small town school that has only first and second grades. 

I teach gifted 2nd graders during the morning half of the day. During this time we cover math, science, social studies, and also have a gifted enrichment time. After lunch I teach a science enrichment class. Over the period of a month, I will have every second grader in our school come through my classroom. 

This morning was exciting in our classroom. Our adventure started 21 days ago when we put eggs in our incubator. The eggs were donated by one of my students. Their family operates Blackberry Farmstead and they are also the local goats milk soap maker in our town. Back to our adventure... Yesterday we had 5 chicks hatch... one right in the middle of our math lesson! Imagine my surprise this morning when I peeked in the incubator and saw 19 more chicks had hatched. The kids were beyond excited! 

Chicks hatching in our classroom Crescent Mountain Soap

The kids wanted to hold the chicks today, but I had them wait. I wanted the chicks to be at least 24 hours old before we started holding the chicks. I’m pretty sure the chicks appreciated that. The kids sat so quietly around the kiddie pool that I use to house the chicks and I showed them how to hold the chicks. I had two awesome parapros in my room who helped with monitoring the students. I promised the kids that they could hold them tomorrow...

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day in our classroom! 

 How many chicks do you see? Crescent Mountain Soap

How many chicks do you see? 🤔🐣

What are you looking at? Crescent Mountain Soap



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