Christmas in July - Round 2

Christmas in July - Round 2

Have you ever done something and thought to yourself, "This seems familiar." That's exactly how I felt recently at the Helen Arts and Heritage Center's  Christmas in July event! 

Last year I participated and posted a picture of a downpour that got most of the items in my tent wet. Fast forward to this year, and the same thing happened! Only this time I was a little more prepared with the sides of my tent and products did not get wet! I sure did get lots of practice putting the sides of the tent down and rolling them back up! Even came up with a new strategy to use bungee cords to keep the sides secured instead of zip-ties. Even learned a trick from the vendor beside me to use pool noodles in the corners of the top of the tent. This will hold the tent more tightly and water doesn't pool so much on the roof. 

I think that I spotted THE Jolly Man himself walking around through our Christmas in July event! Check out the picture below and you be the judge!

All in all, it was not a bad weekend. The weather was crazy, but we had lots of shoppers and I got to meet some new vendor friends. Ashely of Grams Hope Chest makes amazing handpainted wooden signs and home decor. Cathy of Mary Catherine's Weavings sat at her loom most of the weekend between customers. She had scarves and hand towels along with some other items. One of her handtowels now hangs in my bathroom!

I saw this rainbow on the way home from Helen... It was beautiful and the perfect way to end the weekend. What adventure awaits me at my next event? Only time will tell! Hope to see you at an event soon!


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