Ladies Homestead Gathering - Candle Making

Ladies Homestead Gathering - Candle Making


I am a member of the Ladies Homestead Gathering. What? You've never heard of this group? The goal of this group is to empower women through homesteading. You don't have to have a huge farm to belong, just a desire to learn. The motto of the Ladies Homestead Gathering is to: Share knowledge, Build community, and Grow Friendships. Each meeting we learn something new.

I belong to the Northeast Georgia chapter and we meet every third Monday of the month. At these meetings, we learn about different topics. We meet at the county extension office and there is a teaching kitchen. The best part is there there is a cool mirror on top of the demonstration table that gives a bird's eye view and allows everyone to see what you are doing! 
This month our topic was candles and I had the opportunity to teach along with another member, Anne, who demonstrated how to make beeswax candles. I demonstrated how to make a lotion candle. You've never heard of a lotion candle? A lotion candle is made with oils, butters, and soy wax that all have a low melting point. You light the candle and allow a pool of wax to form. Then you blow out the candle, dip your fingers in the melted wax, and rub the warm goodness on your hands, feet, and areas you want to moisturize. It feels amazing!
Each month we learn something different. In October, we are having our Fall Retreat at Unicoi State Park. The class schedule sounds amazing!  We will learn to build a wood serving tray, hydroponics in a mason jar, make a cobweb broom, and try our hand at axe throwing!  The cost is $45 for members and $50 for non-members. That also includes a cookout lunch and entry fee to the park. Prepayment is required. You can find more information by emailing

Want to know more about the Ladies Homestead Gathering? Want to see if there is a chapter in your area? Want to know about events happening near you? You can visit the website here. You can also visit the LHG of Northeast Georgia Facebook page here


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