Shipping Charges Updated!

When you order something online, have you ever been frustrated with shipping charges? I know I have! Having a website where customers can order Crescent Mountain Soap products is a new venture for me and I'm still learning the ins and outs of online commerce. In fact, today I just had a nice, long online chat with a customer service rep from Shopify on how to fix some things on the Crescent Mountain Soap website!

Shipping boxes of soap with Crescent Mountain Soap.

One of those things I fixed today, hopefully, was updating the shipping charges for Crescent Mountain Soap! I was able to adjust the rates for shipping packages to account for packages that weigh different amounts. The rates as of today, 8/13/18* are below:

 Small package: up to 1 lb $3.00
Medium package: 2 - 3 lbs $5.75
Large package: 4 - 5 lbs $7.00
Extra large package: 6 - 20 lbs $13.50


I also now offer Free Local Pickup for Stephens, Habersham, and surrounding counties. If you live in a county surrounding Stephens County, there is now an option for local pickup. I will meet you at a local Toccoa establishment to deliver your package. 

Hopefully these changes will make it easier and more economical to order online from Crescent Mountain Soap. 

*Shipping prices are subject to change. See Crescent Mountain Soap website for the latest shipping charges. 


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