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Soapy Stories I

While setting up and selling at craft shows and events throughout northeast Georgia, I often have things happen that make me chuckle or I get to appreciate the beauty of our area. I've decided to devote a part of my blog to Soapy Stories. Stay tuned for more adventures of Crescent Mountain Soap! Here's the first Soapy Story...

This past Saturday started like any other Saturday... I woke up with the roosters and groaned a little as I got out of bed. It was a Saturday after all! I got ready, finished loading the truck, and I was off to Dahlonega, GA. Did you know that gold was discovered in Dahlonega in 1828. Some say that it is the site of the the first gold rush in the United States but others say it was in North Carolina... but back to my story. It's a nice drive to Dahlonega with curvy roads and hills and I love to sight see along the way. As I am unloading my truck and setting up my tent and display, I can feel the sweat starting to drip... no let me change that to run... run down my back and off my forehead. As I'm thinking about how hot and muggy it's going to be under the July, Georgia sun, I start to hear a noise. At first I ignore it, thinking it's an ambulance or some other kind of emergency vehicle. But the sound doesn't quickly go away, it just keeps going on and on. I then realize that it's a tornado siren. Now let me back up here. I grew up where there were no tornado sirens. This is a new thing for me. So I'm not real sure about the procedures when a siren goes off. I know that I'm supposed to go seek shelter, but where at this craft show do I go? I quickly grab my cell phone and go to my weather app. Dahlonega comes up and there is not a tornado warning flashing on the app. Now I'm really confused. Then I hear someone a few tents away saying that it's the monthly test of the tornado alert siren. OH MY! My heart started beating again. All I could see was my tent and soaps flying through the air in a tornado and there would be nothing I could do about it! I was so relieved that this was only a test... 

Stay tuned for more adventures and Soapy Stories from Crescent Mountain Soap!


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