The Struggle is Real! First Week of School Tired!

The picture above sums up my week! As many of you know, I teach 2nd grade and school started back in session this week on Monday. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching! In fact, this is my 29th year teaching! But getting a classroom ready for a bunch of eager students is exhausting, both physically and mentally!
Over the summer our entire school got new carpet. Our school looks amazing! Because of getting new carpet, we had to put everything in boxes. So when I arrived at school on Monday, I had to unpack all the boxes. My furniture was also moved all over the room. It was kind of like moving in all over again. Thankfully I have a good friend who helped me move a couple of things and then our awesome custodians helped me move my heavy desk and 2 heavy file cabinets. I also "hired" a kid to help me. Our principal's son, who is my soon to be 2nd grade student, was at school and he helped me organize the bookshelves! He was such a hard worker!
This past week I worked late each day, getting home past 6 pm most nights. My dogs were NOT happy with me. In fact, one night, one of them would not even look at me and he wouldn't get in his spot on the bed either. Instead he chose to sleep on the floor! He was THAT mad that I was gone all day.
So what does the box in the picture have to do with me getting my classroom ready? Well, that box is from Brambleberry, an online soap supply distributor. I ordered some materials/supplies and they arrived this week - the first week of school. I couldn't even tell you what day they came! But here it is Saturday, and they are still sitting in the box, unopened, by the front door. I was so tired this week that is as far as that box got in the house! I haven't even made anything soap related this week. School got my full attention. It will be like that for a couple more weeks... and then I'll begin the juggling act again between school and soap making. A juggling act that I love!


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