What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

Often when I am set up at events in northeast Georgia selling my Crescent Mountain Soap, I am asked by a customer, “So, where is Crescent Mountain?” I have to chuckle to myself before I can answer….

I made up the name, Crescent Mountain Soap, based on where I make the soap. I live on Crescent Drive and I have a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from my deck. I just combined my location with my view of the mountains and Crescent Mountain Soap was born!


The view from my deck.

I live in Toccoa, Georgia and this location gives me a unique view. The hills you see to the right in the photo above are actually in South Carolina! There is a FAA plane tower on one of those hills. I'm not sure what the plane tower is really called - it looks like a really large bowling pin! If you look at the mountains in the distance... the ones that are the farthest away in the middle of he picture, those are in Georiga! In fact, that's Clayton, Georgia. At night I can see a bright light on one of those mountains. Curious as to what that light might be... I used binoculars to look at it and guess what I saw! It's an 85 foot cross that stands on the side of the mountain. It has lights so that it can be seen at night. 

So…What's in a name? You now know the story and you cancall my soap Crescent MOUNTAIN SOAP or you could call it CRESCENT MOUNTAIN soap. The choice is yours! I just know that you're going to like using it!

(FYI… there IS a Crescent Mountain located in Colorado. But Georgia is a long way from there!)



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