Tallulah Treasure Sugar Scrub

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Do you like to pamper yourself? Sugar scrubs are a great way to do that! Not only do they smell good, but they leave your skin feeling soft and silky! This sugar scrub is scented with an eucalyptus and spearmint essential oil blend. It has an amazingly refreshing smell!

This emulsified sugar scrub is amazing! Start off by rubbing the sugar scrub on to your skin. Sugar scrubs can be used on your arms, legs, and face. You can use them on your feet too, but if you want more scrub for your feet I suggest you use a salt scrub. (Those will be coming soon to Crescent Mountain Soap!) Once you've scrubbed with the sugar, add some water and the scrub turns to a lotion like consistency. Continue to rub this on your legs for a great lotion feeling. Finally rinse the scrub off. Use caution in the tub! Your tub may be slippery!

Sugar Scrub Ingredients:
sunflower oil
coconut oil
emulsifying wax
stearic acid
essential oil blend
optiphen (preservative - paraban free)